Oppo F19S is Amazing Mobile Phone With an AMoled Display


When it comes to new smartphones coming out, few are as exciting as the Oppo F19S for Google. Android devices have taken over the mobile market in recent years and the Oppo is the flagship smartphone of Google. When it does come out in October, it is supposed to be the first true “toy” for smartphone enthusiasts. Android phones are just now coming out of the box and have to go through a lot of tweaking to get used to. Since it is meant to stand out from the crowd, what exactly can we expect out of the Oppo F19S?

If you are looking at the spec sheet, then you know that the Oppo F19S is an ultra slim device. It measures in at just over 5.5 inches which is very good for most people who are looking for a phone that looks nice but also has plenty of power behind it. The phone has a powerful octa-core MSMM processor backed up by a generous 4GB of RAM and will be running on a ROM of the newer Samsung Galaxy S series. The Oppo F19S will most likely use a brand of Samsung Galaxy S series that is a little less powerful than the competition so don’t expect anything earth shattering here. It is still a nice phone though because the dual-core processor will help make everything run faster and more efficiently.

The battery on the Oppo F19S is something else to look forward to. It should have about two hours of life which is perfect for a smartphone. The battery will last quite a while before needing recharging. The battery is one of the reasons that this handset will likely not be as powerful as some others do. It may also run out of power while you are using some of the more advanced apps out there like Facebook or games. oppo f19s

The Oppo F19S does not have as many unique features as some others do but it does have a neat little camera feature. The camera has a built in micro chip which acts as the sensor for the image. You can take pictures in any lighting situation with the ability to have a color shot as well. The 16MP Sony IMX lens on the Oppo F19S will allow you to take some great pictures.

The Oppo F19S comes with a nice little software package. It will allow you to utilize a Windows interface for the smartphone while having access to Samsung’s own user interface. The software bundle also includes things like a music player, a messenger, and other things you can use on an everyday basis. This handset’s only drawback is the lack of a camera with the phone’s amoled screen.

If you are looking for a nice smartphone with the ability to stand out from the crowd, then the Oppo F19S from Samsung might be the one you are looking for. With a premium design that combines simplicity with class, the Oppo F19S is sure to make a statement. While it doesn’t have all the amazing features that some others do, it does have a lot to offer. For a person who wants a smartphone that will perform flawlessly, the Oppo F19S is sure to deliver.